Alex’s Country Store

Central Area

Consuming Sustainably

Our orchard’s bounty/konfiture-jam is a great gift of nature’s bounty!! fresh produce, apfel tasche-apple pie, all fresh jam and cold wind airing drying fruits.
Locally brewed clear sake, unfiltered sake, umeshu(plum sake), yuzu sake, craft beer, apple cider and wine. Tasting-degustation available.
all Japan made local souvenir, ceramics, kimono and T-shirts.

Alex’s Country Store -Good Samaritan Services

In recent years, we have been happy to see a rapid increase in the number of foreign visitors traveling around Japan. We hope you will enjoy our country and the many unique culture aspects within.
However, we understand that travelling in new country can also challenging at times too. From our own experiences while living in the United States and Europe of and having had assistance by good samaritans in times of need, we also would like to extend a helping hand to those whome may be in need.

*Calling an ambulance and other transportation

*Finding hospital

*Finding the appropriate doctor, pharmacist and etc…

*Travel destination advice

*Consulting with police regarding accidents, lost items, etc…

*Even providing a change of clothes for a child in need

Please do not hesitate to contact ms. Mayu Blausey of Alex’s Country Store for free assistances. We are located next to the Hokusai Museum.
ABOUT US: We are not affiliated with any specific Church or Group organization, just passing the good Samaritan spirit!!

●Japanese-English speaking staff.

Open 9:00–18:00.